Turning Back Time at Green Screen Video Shoot
Discussing Storybords During Green Screen Workshops
Making Tears with Make Up Crew at Story Ship's Green Screen video workshop
Audio Tech On Break
Recording Session Rehearsal Green Screen Workshop with Sean Driscoll and The Story Ship
Actor in Green Screen Work Shop With Sean Driscoll's Story Ship

“Going Green – Making Animated Videos With Your Students” (A STEAM based workshop using green screen video technology)

Lights, camera, action! Come along on the producer’s journey. Teachers are taken through the entire process of creating a short animated video from script to final cut using green screen technology on their iPads and computers. Participants learn lighting, filming, editing and classroom management techniques designed to keep students learning and engaged during the process.

Teachers will also explore using video creation to develop cross curriculum connections making math, science, reading and most any subject super fun for kids!

Don’t have a green screen in your school? Don’t worry! Your host will show you ways to make green screen videos with very limited resources as well as how it is done with high-end equipment.

(iPads with Animate and Green Screen Apps installed are required. Mac or PC computers with video editing software IMovie or Movie Maker also required.)

Call 912-663-6320 or email us info@thestoryship.com for details and availability.