“Super Me” Anti-Bullying Show

Great for larger theaters and schools!

“Super Me” is a fast paced theatrical adventure that combines high-energy hip-hop dance, intense video gaming, astounding magic, interactive animation and a live actor. Audience members are taken on a virtual journey into a comic book world to help a young boy escape from bullies.

Amazing animated and real life videos are projected onto a large screen during the performance allowing audience members to interact with the characters. The audience must help the boy overcome obstacles and solve puzzles using super powers onstage (Super Human Strength, X-Ray vision, Telekinesis, and Aquakinesis.)

During the show, kids are taught a hip-hop dance based on the “Super Me” theme music. At the end of the show, the kids must perform the dance to move to next level of the Super Me training program. The Super Me song summarizes all the Anti-Bullying methods given during the show. Kids not only see real life examples of bullying, but are given clear step by step actions to help stop bullying.

Anti-bullying show that is great for theaters and school assembly shows!

For Ages: Pre-K – 5th Grade

Duration: 45 -50 minutes

Setup Time: 1 hour

Tech Requirements: Theaters – call (912) 663-6320 for Tech Riders and Stage Plots.
Schools – One electrical outlet. We bring the rest.

Curriculum Connections

Students Will:

  • Describe how individuals are affected by the different social groups to which they belong.


  • Discuss how humans interact in a variety of social settings. (SS.912.S.4.11)
  • Analyze what can occur when the rules of behavior are broken.
  • Analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors. (HE.912.C.2)
  • Demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks. (HE.912.B.2)

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