Turning Back Time at Green Screen Video Shoot
Discussing Storybords During Green Screen Workshops
Making Tears with Make Up Crew at Story Ship's Green Screen video workshop
Audio Tech On Break
Recording Session Rehearsal Green Screen Workshop with Sean Driscoll and The Story Ship
Actor in Green Screen Work Shop With Sean Driscoll's Story Ship

Make An Animated Music Video (Using Green Screen Technology)

Our “Animated Music Video Residency” is a fun filled 3 or 5 day program where students create an animated music video based on poems they have written. They can also use poems or songs by other beloved children’s poets. Sean brings everything needed including a digital studio, green screen, cameras, lights and microphones.

Students explore poetry through the creation of a music video animation. Participants first examine the basic building blocks of poetry including, repetition, rhyme, assonance, consonance and alliteration.  Then Sean and the kids set the poems to music. The kids learn the song and record an audio track.

After teaching the kids choreography to the song, he films them performing in front of a green screen. Lastly, students are introduced to the postproduction process where they learn how mathematics, art, science and music all play an important role in the production of animated shows and music videos. This residency has curriculum connections with math, science, literature, reading and art.

For grades 3rd-5th
Technical requirements – One table 6’X2’, One chair, Reasonably Quiet Room
Duration – Three or five day residency. 4 – 5 classes daily with one
classroom period per class each day.
Recommended Class Participant size – 25 Students

Click on the pictures below to watch music videos made by students from around the country:



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