“Construction Junction” DIY Live Game Show APP

Click here to download “Construction Junction”

Now you can be your own game show host with amazing interactive music and graphics.

  • Easily perform highly effective live stage game shows for kids 3 – 10 years
  • Fun and engaging graphics and music
  • Easy to use apps with detailed instructions
  • Perform the show with no extra costs
  • Add low costs props and resource guides to quickly and cheaply develop your programming to a high level
  • Save your organizations thousands and have fun performing the shows yourself
  • Developed By Children’s Show Performers with More Than 20 Years Experience
  • Online video training with complete instructions on setup and how to play
  • App themes match national library summer reading program themes

The Story Ship now offers it’s amazing presentation game apps to librarians, teachers, camp counselors, birthday party presenters, parents or anyone who entertains and manages kids. The apps are fun, easy to use and come with detailed video explanations as well as resource lists for props. The shows can easily be performed for little or no costs depending upon the users budget and needs.

Click here to download “Construction Junction”


Follow these 10 simple steps to become a game host! Watch sample videos at links below. You will get access to all the videos when you purchase the app.

Step 1 – Watch Game Play Live Video To See Game In Action

“Live Game Play Through”

Step 2 – Review Challenge Videos and Decide Which Challenges You Want To Do

“Foreman Says”
“Musical Chairs”
“Rhyme Time”
“Magic Cups”
“Dig It”
“Magic Tool Chest”

Step 3 – Watch “App Overview” & “How To Play” Videos To Get Familiar With App and Game Play

“App Overview”
“How To Play”

Step 4 – Collect Your Props

Step 5 – Find yourself a Construction Costume and Select A Stage Name (Optional)

Step 6 – Practice An Introduction To The Game So Kids Will Know What To Do

Step 7 – Setup Big Screen TV / Video Projection & Your Boom Box If Needed In Performance Space

“Video & Audio Setup”

Step 8 – Setup Your Props

“General Setup”

Step 9 – Gather The kids Then Explain The Game and Challenges

Step 10 – Play And HAVE FUN!!!!!



Apple iPad
iPad Thunderbolt HDMI Adapter or Apple TV
Large Screen TV or Video Projection
Boom Box Or PA Audio System If You Are Not Using Large Screen TV

Costs: $19.95