“Construction Junction” DIY Game Training

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Training Videos

Setup And How To Play
App Walk Through
How To Play
Challenge Bag
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Challenges How To
“Foreman Says”
“Musical Chairs”
“Rhyme Time”
“Magic Cups”
“Dig It”
“Magic Tool Chest”

“Construction Junction.” is not meant to be played as solo interactive game. It is designed to give librarians, camp counselor, birthday hosts and teachers a fun easy to play giant board game. The app was created to provide graphic content to be projected on a large screen or TV with a live game show host and a group 8 or more children. It is recommended that host purchase the giant inflatable dice listed at the prop resource link to provide a powerful interactive experience for game participants. However, it is not necessary to have the giant dice to play. There are no other props necessary. But, there are a number of challenges that are optional which do require props. It is up to the game show host to decide before playing the challenges they wishes to offer. Hosts can also customize the game by making up their own challenges!

First watch all the videos and read instructions before practicing and performing the game.

Read Carefully The End User License Agreement:

Click here to view or print End User Agreement.

While nothing in this game is inherently dangerous. It is important for the host or game operator to be vigilant and responsible so no one gets hurt and no property is damaged.

User assumes all risk.

  • Do not perform this game or use participants at risk with any health conditions that may cause personal injury.
  • Check all props and performance space for damaged areas or parts and space props properly apart so no one can get hurt.
  • Instruct all participants as to the proper methods of participating in all portions of the game and each subsequent challenge.
  • From time to time the participants can get excited.  As host you are responsible for controlling the audience and calming them should they get too excited.

Be careful to setup and perform the game so no one gets hurt and no property is damaged.

  1. Setup the game play area dividing the audience into two teams using tape or cones.
  2. Place all necessary props to one side giving plenty of space for free movement so no one can get hurt.
  3. Place large screen TV or video to the other side.
  4. Put a table close to the center with smaller props.
  5. C heck to make sure app projection and sound are working correctly with your TV or projector and boom box or stereo. (Watch App Video And Audio Setup Video To See How To Setup)


Supporting Documents

Setup & How To Play
Props Resource List
End User Agreement


Most importantly! Have fun!