Casting Partnerships



A career where the laughter of children matters the most,

A job where you are your own boss and you do what you love.

What We Do… 
We offer unique educational children’s shows and workshops that combine interactive animation, comedy theater, puppets, magic and music. The Story Ship performs over 200 shows a year reaching tens of thousands of children. These shows were carefully crafted over 20 years and have been tested time and again to provide audiences with a joyous theatrical experience. Visit and click on the “Shows” and “Workshops” link to watch more videos about each show and find out more about our workshops. 

A Comfortable Fit 

Each year we turn away tens of thousands of dollars in bookings because we don’t have enough performers. The Story Ship is searching for talented professional actors who want to develop long term careers performing children’s shows. It is very important that we find actors/singers comfortable with what we do. Similarly, it is important for you to be comfortable with us. So we have developed graduated steps in the casting process. Here is how The Story Ship’s casting works.

Step 1 – Tell Us About Yourself
Let us know who you are and what special skills you have. Send a digital head shot and resume to We are looking for fourteen actors cross America to fit into densely populated areas. We are most interested in your past experience in working with children and any special skills you have such as singing, puppeteering or magic.

Step 2 – Come Watch A Show
The best way to get to know us is to watch one of our shows live or online at Let us know if you would like to come in person. We’ll set up a time to let you see a show and meet with you afterwards to answer any questions you may have and talk more about taking the next step.

Step 3 – Set Up An Audition
If you think this looks like something you would like to try, then let us know via email or phone (912)-663-6320. We’ll review your resume, do a through background check and conduct a phone interview. Then setup a live audition and have you read through a few scenes. If everything looks good, we’ll schedule you for training.

Step 4 – Sign Up & Participate In Initial Training
Once passing the audition, you’ll will need to take part in our initial two week training. One week is done online through video and Skype. The next week will take place either in Savannah, GA or your chosen location. Many of the concepts you’ll learn can be applied to developing your own career. Even if you don’t want to take the next step with the Story Ship, you’ll have learned things that can be applied to your future creative work. Here is what we’ll cover:

a. Learn Two Shows – You’ll learn two of our complete interactive animated performances and perform it multiple times for small audiences in various settings. This process will allow you to get comfortable with the performance experience and see if you really enjoy what we do. Everything is not etched in stone though. We want you to be creative and make the shows your own. We invite you to experiment and put your own personal touch into the performances.

b. Sales & Marketing – We’ll cover many aspects of sales and marketing with you including defining your region, setting up showcases, creating your client lists, direct mail campaign and promotional advertising. We even provide you templates for business cards, web site and brochures.

c. In-Depth Industry Analysis – We’ll take a good look at the children’s live show industry and find out what works and doesn’t in various segments of the market. If you should want to develop your own shows, you’ll have a foundation to create your own theatrical masterpiece. The only thing we ask is that you don’t create shows using interactive animation or use any of our copyrighted material unless you become a Story Ship performer.

Step 5 – Apprenticing & Working As A Story Ship Performer 
While apprenticing you will have access to the Story Ship’s interactive animated shows and scripts. If you become an apprentice or storyship performer, you will need to invest in your own equipment, insurance and costuming. This can run any where from $2,500 – $8,500 depending upon what you already own such as laptops, costumes, PA sound equipment etc. We find that performers who own their own equipment do much better because they have a vested interest and need to see a return on that investment quickly. Don’t worry. Your not on your own. We’ll help you reach break even as fast as possible. You can earn $125 to $500 a show depending on the market and client.

On Going Support, Joint Marketing & New Shows
Next, you’ll take your performances out into your market and begin building relationships with presenters. We’ll help you refine your shows with visits and phone support. We’ll also help with booking and advertising to make sure your getting as much work as possible.

There is power in numbers so we can share in online, print and showcase convention costs saving you big bucks if you had to do it on your own.

We also develop new shows every two years. We’ll invite you into the process and help make the new shows your own.

Great Possibilities

After a year or so you may want to go to the next level. We can offer exclusive license in certain markets that will give you many added benefits such as lower royalty rates so you make more per show. Also you’ll have access to the Story Ship’s database helping you to streamline everyday business functions.  You can find out more about The Story Ship at 

We look forward to the possibility of working with you. Please email or call (912) 663-6320 us if you have any questions.